Theme: Spaces
Location: 10178 Berlin, Germany

This famous locality that became a forgotten and slightly shabby looking open space after 1990 is dominated by 1960s’ socialist realist architecture. Find out why it has once again turned into the scene of a reinvention and redevelopment at the heart of the city.

The space is probably best known as the central location of the novel 'Berlin Alexanderplatz' by Alfred Döblin, and of the feature film with the same title by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

During the industrialisation it was a hub of progress. Later it earned its sad fame as the ‘theatre of the poor’ as depicted by Döblin. Yet Alexanderplatz was also the ‘downtown’ of East Germany’s Berlin.

Today it houses an experimental open-air exhibition to commemorate the 20th anniversary of fall of the Wall, the biggest Christmas Market in the city and some of Berlin’s largest shopping centres.

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