Theme: Borders
Location: Stasi Museum, Ruschestr. 103, Haus 1, 10365 Berlin

Stasi Headquarters [Image: Nikisublime on Flickr] Creative commons image Credit: Nikisublime via Flickr This tourist attraction represents a 'border' of a very different kind: one between people in support of the ruling party and those who were not.

During the times of the communist regime in East Germany, the prison Hohenschönhausen was a top-security prison for political prisoners from the GDR, as well as abroad. The notoriously inhumane detention centre was run by the GDR Ministry of State Security.

Today it has been turned into a multi-functional institution that houses: the prison museum (where former inmates lead guided tours), an archive that supports academic research into the GDR, and a memorial, exhibition space and events venue.

[Image: Nikisublime on flickr]

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