Theme: Cultures
Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin

Zossener Straße [Image: svenwerk on flickr] Creative commons image Credit: svenwerk via Flickr The counterpart of Prenzlauer Berg in East Berlin, is Kreuzberg in the West. It was a cheap area of housing built during the industrialisation and became the most populous of Berlin's boroughs at the turn of the 20th century, with more than 400,000 people, although it was and still is geographically the smallest. Rents in the area were regulated after World War II and the low quality housing remained affordable.

Many artists, students and Turkish immigrants moved into this district community during the 1960s. Kreuzberg became famous for the alternative lifestyle of many of its inhabitants, as well as for the strong Turkish and African-American cultural influences. Kreuzberg has the youngest population of all European city boroughs.

[Image Zossener Straße: svenwerk on flickr]

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