Theme: Cultures
Location: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

35th Oderberger Str [Image: zle7e on flickr] Creative commons image Credit: zle7e via Flickr This area signifies the continuous change of living conditions in the city. It was built as cheap housing for blue and white collar workers' families, and became a centre for the political opposition in East Berlin under the Socialist regime. It then developed into the 'cool' place to live after the fall of the wall.

Today it is a sought after area of Berlin, with comparatively high prices for housing, expensive restaurants and trendy shops, sometimes too expensive for the locals. It is also the district with the highest number of playgrounds for children per square metre in the whole of Germany.

Here you can discover many independent art galleries and theatres, such as the sound art gallery, Singuhr-Hörgalerie, in an old water tower.

[Image 35th Oderberger Str: zle7e on flickr]

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