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OU on the BBC: A Picture of Health

Updated Monday 20th February 2012

The story of how medical care has changed beyond all recognition in little more than a lifetime

In little more than a lifetime, medical care has changed beyond all recognition. This is the story of how it happened: told first hand by the patients, doctors, surgeons and nurses who were there.

With rarely-seen footage from specialist film collections, each programme shows the revolution that’s taken place in our hospitals, clinics, and GP surgeries. A Picture of Health is an entertaining mix of archive, first-hand memories and expert insight into the way those changes affected all of us.

A Picture of Health on TV

A Picture of Health is presented by Larry Lamb and will be shown on BBC One at 09:15 every day between 27 February and 2 March. Use the links below to read more about the issues and stories covered in each programme. 

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