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OU on the BBC: Silverville - Episode 2

Updated Friday 17th July 2009

A proposal and a new resident show how relationships change for residents of the retirement village.

Mobile scooters Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

Relationships are just as important in Silverville as anywhere else in the world.

Ken moves into the retirement community when his wife can no longer care for him at home.

Bert, 90, proposes to Rose, 77 – but, for them, the path of true love is far from smooth.

Meet the people

Bert Styles

Bert Styles Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Bert fought on the artillery guns at Portsmouth Harbour during the Second World War until he was injured by shrapnel. He has lived in Milton Keynes most of his adult life, bringing up three sons with his wife, who died 13 years ago. A keen traveller, Bert, who’s 90, visits his three nieces and one nephew in Australia and his youngest son in France each year.



Rose Nunn

Rose Nunn Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

Rose was inseparable from her husband Bill and after more than 50 years together she was devastated when he died. Rose decided to move in to the village to make new friends and keep active.


Peter Hartley

Peter Hartley Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

Peter decided to move to Lovat Fields after his wife died. He downsized from a four bedroom house to move in to a bungalow. He used to be executive director of a company, loves playing golf and was senior’s captain at Woburn golf club. He’s an integral part of village life helping at meetings and committees.


Connie Dean

Connie Dean Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC

Divorced Connie moved in to the village as she was bored watching television with her cats. She’s had a new lease of life and is heavily involved in all social activities


Ken & Janet Richardson

Janet and Ken Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Ken and Jan married 16 years ago and for both it was their second marriage. At just 58, fit and active, Ken suffered a stroke while refereeing a football match. He was left severely disabled. Jan cared for him for three years but because of her own declining health she decided Ken should move in to the village.


First broadcast: Wednesday 12 Aug 2009 on BBC ONE


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