OU on the BBC: The Barristers - Programme 4

As we reach the end of our time with The Barristers, our thoughts turn to the future. This week, we'd like to know what you think the future of the British legal system might hold.

By: The OpenLearn team (Programme and web teams)

  • Duration 5 mins
  • Updated Wednesday 22nd October 2008
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under TV, Barristers
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Kakoly Pande Copyrighted image Copyright: Production team

Assault and battery is the first crown court case for newly qualified barrister Kakoly Pande and there’s a judgement in the House of Lords after a seven-year fight – but can the Bar face up to its critics that it’s an elitist, out-dated and old fashioned club?

What do you think?

This week, we'd like to hear your thoughts on this question:

If you could change one thing about the Bar for the future what would it be?

Share your thoughts through the discussion thread below.

First broadcast: Friday 21 Nov 2008 on BBC TWO England & Northern Ireland


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