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Thinking Allowed - The art of craft

Updated Wednesday 27th April 2011

How does making things by hand bring people together? Laurie Taylor explores craft and community.

Is DIY culture and home improvement linked to the ideals of John Ruskin? Musical Memories fanzine Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: mysterymoor under CC-BY-NC-SA licence

David Gauntlett, author of Making is Connecting believes it is and he contends that bloggers and online enthusiasts are the inheritors of Britain's creative culture - making communities through their craft in the same way that medieval stone masons used to do.

But is posting a skate-boarding dog on YouTube really comparable to carving a gargoyle on a gothic cathedral?

The sociologist Richard Sennett joins Laurie Taylor and David Gauntlett to discuss making things, creating communities and what counts as craftsmanship.

This edition of Thinking Allowed is a co-production between the BBC and The Open University. You can hear it on BBC Radio 4 at 4pm on Wednesday 27th April, 2011 and again at a quarter past midnight on Monday morning, 2nd May. Further broadcast details, podcast and listen again links are at

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