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OU on the BBC: The Bottom Line – Self-improvement

Updated Wednesday 26th February 2014

Evan Davis and guests discuss the business of making your life better.

Wooden man reading self-help book Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Torian Dixon | In The Bottom Line, Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

This week, self-improvement. If you want to look better, feel better, perform better, there's no shortage of help available.

Whether it's cosmetic surgery for the perfect body, fitness programmes to boost self-esteem, or self-help books to improve the mind, there's plenty of choice.

But do they promise the world and fail to deliver - or give you the strength to achieve the personal growth you desire? Evan Davis and guests discuss the industry of making your life better. This week the guests are:

  • Jon Congdon, President and Co-Founder,
  • Carole Tonkinson, Publisher, Harper NonFiction
  • John Ryan, Founder and Chairman, Make Yourself Amazing

Listen to The Bottom Line

You can listen to this episode of The Bottom Line on Thursday 27 February at 8:30pm on BBC Radio 4. More information about the episode, details of when it is repeated, and a link to listen again will be available on the BBC website.


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