Summer's over; Back to school

The weather is turning, the days are getting shorter... and for some of us, the summer holidays are almost all gone.

By: The OpenLearn team (Programme and web teams)

  • Duration 5 mins
  • Updated Tuesday 30th August 2011
  • Introductory level
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Rows of empty desks in a classroom Copyrighted image Copyright: Alberto Tentoni | You never really lose the taste of a new school year starting, do you? No matter how long since you actually had to swap the long, carefree days of summer for uniform, new pens and the embrace of the classroom, that first sense of the leaves turning triggers the memories of the start of the school year. For some of us, the memories are warm; others went unwillingly to school. But what is in store for the current generation of school children as they head back to class?

Schools fit for learning

How can the way a school is designed influence the students inside?

It's not just pupils who are heading back...

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

We don't all learn in the same way

How do you best pick up new skills and knowledge?

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