Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day - Episode 8

This final film of the series looks at the country’s single biggest killer – heart disease. 

By: The OpenLearn team (Programme and web teams)

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Man having a heart attack Copyrighted image Copyright: Suriyaphoto |

About the episode

Every day 282 people will have a heart attack. 200 will die. In Manchester, a specialist team race to treat a steady stream of heart attack victims, some of whom have a twenty-year history of heart disease. In Liverpool six-month-old Kyran undergoes open heart surgery to correct a defect first detected in the womb and in Yorkshire, air ambulance paramedics attempt to resuscitate an eighty-year-old mechanic who has collapsed while working on a neighbour’s car.

Despite improvements in treatment, our increasingly sedentary lifestyle combined with an ageing population will only add to the pressure on the NHS – a dilemma playing out across the whole organisation as demands increase and the money to pay for it doesn’t.

Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day can be seen on BBC Two on Tuesday 14th May 2013 at 9pm. Full schedule and iPlayer links are on Read more about the current series.

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