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OU on the BBC: Airport Live – Episode 2

Updated Tuesday 18th June 2013

Episode two follows a shorthaul flight turnaround, with just 45 minutes from landing to take-off.

Plane in blue sky Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Rgbe | Plane in the sky In Airport Live, Dan Snow, Dallas Campbell and Anita Rani go airside at Heathrow, the world's busiest international hub airport.

The second episode of the series looks behind the scenes at Heathrow Airport, revealing the people, systems and science that keep us flying.

Dan Snow is in the air traffic control tower, where controllers handle some 1,400 landings and departures every day.

Dallas Campbell learns to hand-marshal a plane on the tarmac, and Anita Rani finds out how Heathrow trains to deal with extreme weather.

Plus the programme follows, live, a shorthaul flight turnaround. The plane has just 45 minutes from landing until it takes off again.

Watch Airport Live on BBC Two

Catch Airport Live on Tuesday 18 June at 8pm on BBC Two. For more information and iPlayer links, visit the Airport Live pages on the BBC website.


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