OU on the BBC: Excluded: Kicked Out of School

Updated Friday 9th January 2015

What happens to children excluded from their schools? Join us as we go behind the doors of a secondary alternative provision academy.

About the series

Pupils from The Bridge AP Academy Copyrighted image Icon Copyrighted image Copyright: Oliver Groves Excluded: Kicked Out of School is a new three-part observational documentary series for BBC Three that gets unique access to The Bridge AP Academy.

It tells the inside story of one of the UK's biggest secondary alternative provision (AP) academies providing full-time education to pupils who've been permanently excluded or moved from mainstream education from across West London.

Mostly excluded because of behaviour issues such as fighting and verbal abuse, pupils who arrive at The Bridge often struggle with levels of literacy and numeracy. Filmed over the course of an academic year, the series follows some of the most challenging pupils as they are given a chance to get their lives back on track.

At The Bridge pupils still have to take exams and are expected to leave with five GCSEs. But it’s not always easy. As the pupils speak candidly about being excluded, the programme shows how disruptive their behaviour can be and we discover there is often a reason why they don't engage with learning.

From the teachers pacing the corridors with walkie-talkies to the Head of School defusing a fight, the series also meets the staff who constantly battle to keep the pupils out of trouble and in the classroom. Unlike mainstream school, there is never more than six children per lesson and this allows the teachers more time to help them reach their full potential. And with a clear structure in place, every single bit of behaviour is recorded and challenged. Whether it's verbal abuse, physical intimidation or refusal to take part in a class, facing extremely challenging behaviour is all in a day's work for teachers, mentors and therapists at The Bridge.

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