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OU on the BBC: Iceland Foods – Episode 2

Updated Monday 28th October 2013

The supermarket's boardroom deals with the fallout from the horsemeat scandal.

Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: BBC Iceland CEO Malcolm Walker lets the cameras into the boardroom and stores, as the company deals with the fallout from the horsemeat scandal.

With the media storm continuing to dent sales, Malcolm hopes his plain speaking will get the company out of hot water, but his strategy backfires badly.

Keith, the company's long-suffering PR expert, is left dealing with an email inbox peppered with some imaginatively-written complaints.

Winning back public trust is not going to be easy, but can a half-price sale on burgers get people buying them again?

Despite the uncertainty, Malcolm's pressing ahead with opening a new store in the former mining town of Treorchy in Wales.

Meanwhile, senior buyer Alastair needs to find an attention-grabbing name for his newest product—prawns in a rice crispy-style batter.

Iceland Foods on the BBC

This episode was originally broadcast on Monday 28 October on BBC Two. Visit the Iceland Foods pages on the BBC site for more information, details of any repeats, and a link to watch on the iPlayer.


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