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OU on the BBC: The Gene Code

Updated Tuesday 18th October 2011

BBC Four will unravels the newest and most exciting scientific revelations in the science of genomics. The Gene Code is a two-part series presented by Dr Adam Rutherford

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The Gene Code on TV

In The Gene Code, Dr Adam Rutherford takes the viewer on a rollercoaster ride as he explores the consequences of one of the biggest scientific projects of all time: the decoding of the entire human genome ten years ago.

In 2001 scientists announced that humanity had read every single piece of information which makes up the human genome, the code within our DNA. It was a pivotal moment in scientific history.

In programme 1, 'The Book of Life', Dr Adam Rutherford discovers that every human carries the entire story of life on earth hidden in his or her DNA. He sees how we are all linked directly to the origins of life and to the first creatures with backbones. He investigates the implications of the fact that for much of its existence, the human race was an endangered species.

In programme 2 we learn how decoding the genome has led us to begin to understand the very process by which our DNA makes us different; how it makes each one of us on earth unique, how it influences who we are and the traits we have. It reveals how the biggest ever scientific project of all time has made us realise how amazing and complex we really are.

The Gene Code: The Book of Life will broadcast on Monday 18th April on BBC Four at 21:00.

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