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Topic outline

  • General

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  • 2 The Open University's contribution to the development of the Quiz

    This section describes the major direct and indirect Open University developments of the eAssessment module in Moodle during 2006 to 2015.

    Berrill building

  • 3 Question behaviours

    which way

    (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

    What is the purpose of your quiz?

    Is it to help your students learn? Try An interactive assessment which gives instant feedback on student responses and the opportunity for another try where responses are incorrect, before revealing the correct answer.

    Are you testing your students? Try A deferred feedback formative assessment and A deferred feedback assessment that does not close until 2020! which give no feedback while the student is answering the questions.

    Or do you want to let them puzzle it out and only tell them when they have done so successfully? Try the STACK Demonstration Quiz which like An interactive assessment gives instant feedback but has no limit on the number of tries students can make.

  • 4 Question types requiring numeric answers

    Question types illustrated:

    1. Numerical
    2. Variable numeric
    3. Variable numeric sets
    4. Variable numeric sets with units
    5. Combined
    6. STACK.
  • 5 Questions requiring a textual answer

    Question types illustrated

    1. Pattern match
    2. Short answer
    3. Combined

    There is also the Essay question type which is
    illustrated above in A tutor marked assignment.

  • 6 Selection questions

    Question types illustrated:

    1. Drag and drop into text
    2. Drag and drop onto images
    3. Matching
    4. Multiple choice
    5. OU multiple response
    6. Select missing words
    7. True/false
    8. Combined


    (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

  • 7 Questions requiring some form of 2D response

    Question types illustrated:

    1. Ordering with drag and drop
    2. Drag and drop markers
    3. Pattern match with JME
    4. OpenMark via Opaque
    Walton Hall
  • 8 Questions capable of handling mathematical answers

    Question type illustrated:

    1. STACK

    STACK (System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer algebra Kernel) was developed by Chris Sangwin ( The OU was an active partner in helping re-engineer STACK as a Moodle question type.

    The main STACK demonstration site is at

    Picture of mathematical equations
  • 9 The Open University's reference manuals

    reference books

    (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

    These manuals are provided in the form that they are used by Open University authors. Within the Open University online assessments are known as interactive Computer-Marked Assessments (iCMAs). This terminology is used throughout the manuals.

    The manuals refer to Moodle 2.7. If you choose to use our question types please note that typically the OU moves to a new Moodle version 6 months after it has been released.