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TESSA - Share

TESSA - Share
    • Submitting materials to TESSA Share

      if you have a user resource to share you can upload it to OpenLearn Create (see the guidance on how to do this). Alternatively you may already be hosting your resource on another online platform and want to tell the TESSA community about it.

      We are currently working on this shared space so you soon upload your own material to share with the TESSA community.

  • This course is part of a collection

    This course is part of a collection

    This course is part of a collection of courses called Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA). There are 0 courses in this collection so you may find other courses here that maybe of interest to you.

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    Grace Dan Joseph

    SSE 224

    Grace Dan Joseph30 March 2018 12:15

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