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  • ABLE-Ghana Learning Community
    Business and money/finance 

    ABLE-Ghana Learning Community

    This website is for those associated with ABLE-Ghana to share resources, post notices, collaborate in preparing documents and discuss future meetings and projects.  Advancing Business Learning for Employability in Ghana (ABLE-Ghana) is a collaboration between The Open University Business School, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration; and the Business Schools of the University of Ghana, the University of Cape Coast, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and Winneba University of Education. It is funded under the UK government’s Educational Partnerships in Africa scheme.If you would like to join us, send a message to Akua Amar ( )

  • An introduction to technology and innovation policy research

    An introduction to technology and innovation policy research

    This is an interdisciplinary module that provides an introduction to technology and innovation policy and research in this field. The emphasis is on examining issues of interdisciplinary research embracing economic, sociological and managerial orientations. The approach is to build understanding of technology policy and technology innovations processes thereby providing a robust grounding, before exploring research methods employed to investigate technology and innovation policy. It is important to appreciate that this is not a research methods course as research techniques are not actively taught. Instead, a selection of research tools are introduced and applied to technology policy and innovation. Thus, it focuses on methods and skills best suited for technology policy and innovation rather than being comprehensive.

  • Building Partnerships Map
    Business and money/finance 

    Building Partnerships Map

    DIY Learn - Building Partnerships Map tool

  • Building relationships with donors
    Business and money/finance 

    Building relationships with donors

    Legacy fundraising, big-gift seeking are all part of the professional fundraiser's role. This unit will help you to gain the skills necessary to persuade individuals to become donors. How do you change people's ideas about methods of giving, moving them from casual street donations to regular direct debit giving?

  • Business and climate change
    Business and money/finance 

    Business and climate change

    Businesses can be affected both directly from climate change and indirectly through government policies. Risks can occur from the impacts of predicted climate change effects such as increased temperature, extreme weather events, disrupted ecosystems and flooding of land. This unit is wrried for small and medium enterprises and people interested in how businesses can respond to climate change. It introduces key concepts such as risk, corporate social responsibility and engaging employees and enables businesses to quickly grasp the issues and opportunities for managing risks. Unit authored by Dr. Barbara L Jones

  • Business Model Canvas
    Business and money/finance 

    Business Model Canvas

    DIY Learn - Business Model Canvas tool

  • Collaborative leadership in voluntary organisations
    Business and money/finance 

    Collaborative leadership in voluntary organisations

    This free course helps learners to reflect on and develop collaborative leadership practices that will make a difference. Approximately 24 hours; Intermediate level After studying this course the learner should be able to: • describe the context and need for collaborative forms of leadership • describe the range of different leadership identities suggested by collaborative settings and the power relationships implied in these identities • plan and think about the challenges of leading collaborations • experiment with a range of practices of collaborative leadership • practice collaborative leadership in a more robust way • offer a critique of collaborative leadership in relation to its potential and limitations for leadership of voluntary organisations • discuss and reflect on collaborative leadership in the voluntary sector in relation to power.

  • Creative Workshop
    Business and money/finance 

    Creative Workshop

    DIY Learn - Creative Workshop tool

  • Development Impact & You: Forum
    Business and money/finance 

    Development Impact & You: Forum

    DIY Learn toolkit Forum

  • Evidence Planning
    Business and money/finance 

    Evidence Planning

    DIY Learn - Evidence Planning tool

  • Fast Idea Generator
    Business and money/finance 

    Fast Idea Generator

    DIY Learn - Fast idea generator tool

  • How to make an open online course

    How to make an open online course

    A short guide to how to create a good open online course.

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