Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Rural Areas

Introduction to the unit

This unit has been designed around Open Educational Resources (OER) with open content and open access whenever possible, with ‘wrap-around’ new material to provide coherent links between these resources. Due to the ‘open’ nature of the resources there will be many differences in the style, appearance, and reliability of the resources, but these resources have been carefully selected to provide a useful educational starting-block for the study of this topic.

Participants in this unit are encouraged through the open and interactive structure to contribute their own examples and to add to the resources lists where they feel it is relevant. They are also encouraged to use the Unit forum area. Some educational activities and self assessment activities have been included within each section, as well as an extensive reading list for further study. Completing the self assessment activities are the main means by which you can engage with this unit material. They will not be formally marked, but feedback is provided.


You can download these files for use offline or on a mobile device.

Learning outcomes