New course building tool coming

The Open University is creating a new Direct Authoring tool for authors and editors to use when compiling content for their courses.  The OpenCreate tool will have an easy to use drag and drop interface and will enable course creators to add learning resources like text, audio, video, transcripts, quotes and images to a course.  It will also allow authors and editors to communicate with each other more easily via the comment feature.  The tool will export XML for course creators to upload to their course and will also generate alternative format downloads for learners so they can download Word, PDF and eBook versions to study offline.  Currently this functionality can only be set up by OU staff.

Once the tool has been piloted and tested with some users it will be made available on OpenLearn Create for course creators who wish to use it rather than only using the Moodle functionality of the site.

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Last modified: Thursday, 4 May 2017, 17:37