Activity 3

Time required: 30 minutes

Searching and Categorizing Reusing Educational e-Content

Having read about the OICS you now have an opportunity to use it to discover existing RORs

Access the Open ICOPER Content Space by clicking here OICS

Then spend 10 minutes finding OER materials that contain learning resources. Consider using some key words.

Add your notes to the dedicated discussion forum



Think about your educational context and how this may influence the use of different types of educational materials, by:

a) Keyword - topic, location, field...

b) Searching on the web

c) Finding open educational resources from within the OICS.


When you have completed your keyword search, select two resources from different repositories, for example:

The Web Guide study unit in OpenLearn

The Information Exploration: Becoming a Savvy Scholar Study unit in MIT


You should be in a good position to complete the table below with the relevant ROR metadata.

Try to identify the key features of these ROR materials then complete the table.


OER Repository 1
OER Repository 2
Learning outcomes

Table X: Selecting, Categorizing  and describing educational eCcontent for reuse

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