This study unit has tried to emphasise the issues to consider for extending effective reuse. The objectives or learning outcomes   were that, after studying this unit, you should:

·         describe the concept of Reusable Learning Content

·         give some examples of the strategies for using and adapting Reusable Learning Content

We hope that having completed this unit you now do two things:

·         Let us know the extent to which you think the above objectives have been met and how the unit could be improved by posting some ‘constructive comments’ in the forum.

·         Access the Open ICOPER Content Space and contribute to the developments there.

Do this

Now you have completed this unit, you might like to:

·         Post a message to the unit forum.

·         Review or add to your Learning Journal.

·         Rate this unit.

Try this

You might also like to:

·         Find out more about a related Open University course.

·         Book a FlashMeeting to talk live with other learners.

·         Create a Knowledge Map to summarise this topic.


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