3.1 Building a PLE Intro

In the definitions section of this unit a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is defined as:

"A facility for an individual to access, aggregate, configure and manipulate digital artefacts of their ongoing learning experiences"

Additionally there is a description outlining the fact the PLE often follows a learner-centric approach as well as allowing the user to employ so-called lightweight services and tools that may be at their disposal. The individual learner controls the use of those services and tools by choosing to integrate them into their PLE. In other words the individual learner selects widgets or gadgets that they deem to be fit for their purpose.

One of the most popular ways of building a PLE on the Web is through the use of iGoogle. This facility allows anyone with a Google account to assemble their own collection of widgets or Google gadgets.

Here is a short ROLE video (3 minutes)  that demonstrates a usage scenario, "Improving your Foreign language Skills", for a PLE.


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