What does OpenLearn Works mean by ‘non-commercial’ use of OpenLearn and OpenLearn Works materials?

The Open University considers 'non-commercial' to include educational institutions, commercial companies or individuals making use of OpenLearn and OpenLearn Works content on a cost-recovery basis.

We aim to make as much free learning content available as possible. We encourage others to adapt and develop our materials in the development of new free learning experiences. 

You may charge for learning experiences you provide using our materials on a cost recovery basis under the following conditions:
  • You may represent these materials in any format or medium, including photocopied or hard copy printouts/DVD/SD Card. You may make a charge for the recovery of your costs for printing/duplication.
  • Where the OU open media content forms part of a course you are presenting you may charge for the recovery of your costs for value added services such as the provision of the additional or adapted content or tutoring/teaching and support.
  • You may not charge for services in order to return a financial profit (through sales of the content or through placing advertising around them).
  • You may not charge for these services if you have not made significant adaptations of the materials or if our unadapted content forms the main basis of the course. Aggregation of our content does not comprise adaptation.

Please check the licensing conditions for ALL content that is to be adapted. Exceptions to the CC BY-NC-SA can be found in the acknowledgement pages of our free course content.

If you are unclear we are always happy to discuss the meaning of 'adaptation' and 'significant' on a case-by-case basis. So if you are unclear about these conditions - or feel your case needs special consideration - please contact us at openlearnworks@open.ac.uk. We are keen to explore how we can support your educational service - however big or small. 

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Last modified: Friday, 19 Jun 2015, 14:48