Community Energy in Scotland


Welcome to Community Energy in Scotland, a new and innovative free online unit that will lead you through the development of a community energy project. This content has been developed by Community Energy Scotland and The Open University in Scotland [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] . Its aim is to promote and share good practice in the development of small scale community energy projects, and is intended primarily for use by community groups in Scotland – who will receive support from dedicated staff – though the materials and “lessons” are applicable in a range of different contexts.

Community Energy Scotland support a range of community energy projects, “from the micro to the megawatt,” across the whole of Scotland through their team of dedicated support officers. That support includes providing advice and support, service contracts (e.g., CARES) for the Public Sector and networking and training opportunities, as well as being an advocate for community energy on a national scale. More information about Community Energy Scotland can be found at their website.

The Open University in Scotland is Scotland's largest part time distance learning provider, and is part of The Open University; one of the largest Universities in the world. Its principal aim is to promote social justice through its work in breaking down the barriers to accessing education. It offers a broad range of modules and qualifications within the energy sector, and is a world leader in distance learning and the development of open educational resources.

As well being informed by the idea of open access to education, the partnership is committed to promoting sustainability. Sustainability is often represented as the overlap between social, environmental and economic issues. Balancing the economic, the environmental and the social lies behind any attempt to develop and promote a more sustainable and equitable world. CES mirrors these aspects in its logo. The key to developing a community energy project is in reducing energy demand and promoting energy substitution and renewable energy production.

I hope you enjoy studying these materials as much as we enjoyed developing them, and good luck with your project.

Rona MacKay (Community Energy Scotland) and Ronald Macintyre (The Open University in Scotland)

Figure 1 The Community Energy Scotland (CES) logo