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The OU on iTunes U

What is iTunes U

iTunes U is a vast learning resource offering free educational content that users can download from Apple's iTunes Store straight to their computer or mobile devices. The Open University joined iTunes U in 2008, making available a range of high quality audio-visual assets used in their courses. Featuring over 280 albums with content from more than 136 courses, the OU on iTunes U reflects the diversity and strength of the University's curriculum and academic brand.

A fantastic learning experience on offer

Along with audio-visual course content, the repository features specially commissioned topical pieces in which academic experts contextualise events and anniversary-led content within a knowledge framework; for example, the re-launch of the Large Hadron Collider, the 40th anniversary of the Internet and the 250th anniversary of Handel. The OU on iTunes U also showcases OU Research, with a section devoted to research projects such as the OU in Africa project, aimed at extending teaching resources in Sub-Saharan Africa, and OU Life, which focuses on life and the student experience at The Open University.

What is the iTunes U Students' site?

The iTunes U Students' site provides registered students with audio and video content taken from the modules they are studying. It provides a fast and easy-to-use alternative platform from which to access course content.

Get Mobile with iTunes U

iTunes U on your iPad, iPod and iPhone

Open University content can also be downloaded straight to your iPad, iPod and iPhone via the iTunes Store. Details are available from Apple's website:

iTunes U on Android and other devices

Content from the OU on iTunes U can be downloaded to mobile devices that use other operating systems, such as Android. For further information please refer to your specific device manufacturer or service provider.

Getting started on iTunes U

Step 1

Download and install iTunes

iTunes is available to download and install from Apples website:

Step 2

Introduction to iTunes U

You can find out more about iTunes U by visiting Apple's website:

Step 3

Launch the OU on iTunes U

Discover the OU on iTunes U