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Romanticism in France

French Romanticism took its philosophical cues from Germany and literary inspiration from England, developing a unique approach and adding to the core of aesthetic theory.

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Starting the writing process

Here, the novelists on the panel discuss what first attracted them to writing prose and what writing means to them.

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Handel's Church Music

Donald Burrows visits Handel's parish church in London and describes how Handel composed the most powerful Cathedral music Britain had ever heard.

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Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities encompass subjects that are all concerned with cultural expression and how it has come to take the forms that exist today. They include art history; classical studies; English; history (incorporating history of science, technology and medicine); music; philosophy; religious studies; African and Asian studies; and comparative criminological research. Studying in the arts and humanities enables you to explore human culture and its history, from the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome through the Renaissance to the twenty-first century. In the process you will gain important analytical and critical skills needed for a wide range of occupations.

Subject highlights

Quincey on Dove Cottage

Thomas De Quincey moved into dove cottage after the Wordsworth’s left.

The living and the dead

The living had to the power to keep the memory of the dead alive, so tombs were designed for their visits too.

Objections to Repatriation

Tiffany Jenkins argues against repatriation

Thomas Coke of Holkham

The passionate collector: Thomas Coke.

Shakespeare and colonialism

How our perception of Shakespeare's plays can be changed when viewed in an alternative context.

How to keep going

Examining the importance of a writer’s own experience and how this feeds into prose. The value of self-criticism and how to keep writing...