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Why study entrepreneurship?

Julian starts with ten ideas a week, he writes them down and runs them through a process he calls an ‘entrepreneurial strategic view’ the results will determine his level of investment.

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The way in which partnerships and collaborations can improve the safety of communities

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Turning organisations upside down

How organisational structures are changing. Using the Japanese concept of Kaisen to motivate employees.

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Business and Management

Studying a business and management course with The Open University is all about you: where you’re at now, and where you want to be in the future. Starting from your own experience, you’ll develop and extend your knowledge, skills and practice – whether you’re looking for a one-off piece of professional updating or aiming for an award such as a diploma or a business degree. We now offer foundation degrees in Business or Leadership and Management, and a major new Business Studies certificate. Specialist courses in finance and accounting will set you up with essential skills, or provide a route into the accounting profession – and you can opt to study accounting, economics, French, ICT, law, Spanish or systems practice as part of our innovative and well-respected Business Studies degree. If you’re new to study our Level 1 business courses are a great place to start, but there are entry routes at higher levels if you’re more experienced. Employers are attracted by the relevance and accessibility of our programmes too – in fact, 75 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies sponsor, or have sponsored OU students. So whether you’re developing your current role or heading for a new career, you’ve come to the right place.

Subject highlights

Medium term developments

Martin talks about resource recovery

The implications of Buddhist Economics for a new business model

Dr Mike Lucas looks at the social implications of a new business model based on Buddhist...

Marketing Perspective

A Marketing Practitioner shares the key elements of the job.

Can unconscious thinking help managers

The pressure to come up with a solution quickly can be counter-productive in certain situations.

Politics as a performance

The Open University’s Professor of Politics Mike Saward looks at the demands on the politician as a performer

East-West management

Asian companies are less hierarchical and therefore have better agility to compete in global market.