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Planning in teams

How planning for children’s activities requires flexibility and adaptation.

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Including all children

How adults support learning for children with special needs and mother tongues other than English.

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Music at the Madcap Centre

Young people explore their musical abilities with Steve, a musician with a talent for working with young people..

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Childhood and Youth

Looking at the world from a child’s or young person’s point of view isn’t always easy. If you want to work with children or young people, we offer a wide choice of one-off courses and qualifications that cover the full age range and can help your career. Start slowly, if it suits, and go as far as you need. We offer certificates and degrees from the early years through adolescence to young adulthood. By studying with us you can increase your awareness of what growing up in today’s world really means for children, and become more effective in your role.

Subject highlights

Working with a Youth Service

Akkas recounts the story of his involvement with The Factory Project, how it's led to better prospects, and how his Bengali...

Information and sharing

Three mothers discuss the importance of sharing information with learning practitioners, and how this two-way process can invigorate the...

A youth worker's experience

Kasem talks about the issues he faces in his job, and how good communication and listening skills are essential.

Madcap Arts : academic perspective

An all-round view of the Madcap Arts project and how it's set up to benefit disadvantaged youths using musical education.

Cooler than School

Learning is fun at the Madcap Centre -and James now has lots to show for it.

Creativity and early years

Using interviews and a live recording of a learning environment, creativity is defined and discussed as both a central aspect of the...