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What does a video editor do?

Ben Harrex describes what is expected of a video editor.

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A brief history of the future

Professor John Naughton of The Open University reveals some of the key players in the history of the internet, and explores some of the surprises it has sprung.

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Breaking down Barriers

A technological revolution inside every home - the dream of a communications literate population is becoming a reality.

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Computing and ICT

Virtually everything we do involves information and communication technologies (ICTs) – from booking tickets online and emailing friends to paying by credit card and using household appliances. At the heart of ICTs are computers – ranging from microprocessors in mobile phones, through personal computers, to large internet servers and mainframes. Most of us simply take these technologies for granted, yet understanding how they work is fascinating. Whether you simply have an enquiring mind or want to learn more about this fast-growing field in order to change career direction or improve your prospects, the OU offers a wide range of courses.

Subject highlights

Alan Turing: the Turing test and artificial intelligence

Senior lecturer Blaine Price discusses the Turing Test and artificial intelligence with author Simon...

What are cyborgs?

Understanding cyborgs: Dr Manfred Clynes and Prof Kevin Warwick explain the fusion between technology and humanity.

You Decide

Ian Kennedy walks through an investigation that he conducted on a computer containing indecent images of children, leaving the audience to decide the...

An Entrepreneur's Story

Making profit and meeting demand - Phone Shop owners do good business, but operators neglect hard to reach rural areas.

Pioneers: Weld Pond and Mudge

Two founding members of the Lopht talk about their motivation for finding flaws in commercial software, and why hackers like them...

Introduction: What is special about IT?

Cory gives examples of some seemingly impossible demands regulators might make for special purpose computing and goes on...