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This is Formula 1!

How final element analysis is used to get maximum performance out of Formula 1 cars, focussing on two components: the wheel hub and the 'tub'.

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The Tay Bridge Disaster

Open University professor, David Swinten reveals there was a violent storm on the evening of the bridge collapsing, while Eleanor Simpson shares a personal story about the tragedy.

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Atomic Force Microscope

How it works and what it can do. A close look at it's probe, using an electron microscope.

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Engineering and Technology

If you enjoy solving problems and have a good imagination, you’ll find engineering and technology stimulating and challenging fields of study. Our cutting-edge courses enable you to explore how innovation, design, engineering technology, systems and people interact. A qualification in any of these areas can lead to exciting career opportunities in business and industry, as well as in the public and voluntary sectors in the UK and further afield. Employers value highly the numerical skills, creativity, scientific knowledge and team-working experience that engineering and technology graduates possess.

Subject highlights

Piece to Camera

There are many ways to film a piece to camera, this track demonstrates the use of a professional studio and if you don’t have these resources...

Creating a solid model

Step 4 is to create a solid CAD model of the hub. This is a complex process which involves a series of assumptions and simplifications...


A scientific look at the physiological make up of a top athlete featuring Olympians such as Rebecca Romero and paralympian Sarah Storey.

What SOA offers

Developers identify the pitfalls for businesses and the advantages of Business Process Management. What are the future trends around SOA?

The criminal justice system

Is there a moral basis for our legal system? Criminologist Louise Westmarland attempts to answer this question. Criminal psychologist...

Landfill Site Selection & Planning

Stage by stage in the design of a landfill site. Finding the right geology and hydro geology and assessing the pollution risk.