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Reducing your carbon footprint at home. A couple from Oxford talk about the work they've done to their home in an effort to improve energy efficiency.

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Bottled Water

Have you ever wondered where bottled water comes from and what impact this has on the environment?

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Climate Change in Bangladesh

Extreme weather events are getting worse. Forecasters predict that Bangladesh will be severely affected by floods, cyclones, droughts and the rising sea level.

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Environment, Development and International Studies

Climate change, global trade, war, cultural conflict, biodiversity, energy, water and food sourcing, poverty, and the challenges of international development are among the defining features of our times. With our courses and qualifications you can explore some of the most challenging trends and developments that are shaping our world and the individuals who inhabit it. You'll become a more enlightened citizen and on a professional level you could make a real difference with your highly valued skills. This could lead to many exciting career options in policy making, corporate responsibility or environmental services.

Subject highlights

LA: Developers versus River Activists

Industrial park or natural habitat? Two conflicting visions for the Los Angeles river –assessing sustainability in the...

The Gorbachov era

Environmental protection in the Gorbachev era.

Abriachan Forest Trust

The story of the first and largest community-owned forest in Scotland.

Letter to a Climate Sceptic

Why are people so sceptical about the truth of climate change science? Dr Joe Smith, Senior Lecturer in Environment addresses this...

The activist

A campaigner explains her biocentric worldview and how this affects her stance on GM crops.

Scientists, sceptics and deniers

Differing reactions to the scientific evidence for climate change.