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The Psychology of Pain

A psychologist at the Real Health Institute explains how they use pain processing psychology in their practice.

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Sport: Fitness Testing

A look at aerobic function of athletes, how this is assessed and what the test results mean.

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The Good Health Train

The Good Health Train, 'Phelophepa', which tours deprived regions of rural South Africa for 36 weeks every year.

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Health and Social Care

Health and social care is a vast service sector undergoing rapid change, with new government initiatives giving it a higher profile than ever. Priorities on the healthcare agenda include being more responsive to patient needs and preventing illness by promoting a healthy lifestyle. The focus in frontline health and social care is on giving service users more independence, choice and control. These developments mean there’s greater demand for well-trained and multi-skilled people across a range of rewarding employment opportunities. Our courses cover topics ranging from health sciences, health studies, nursing, public health, social care, social work and sport and fitness.

Subject highlights

At a loss

In this audio documentary, parents who consented to post-mortem, and parents who did not, talk about the circumstances of their child’s death.

Ann's story Scene 4

It's all getting too much for Ann and she seeks help from Social Services. But there are other problems to worry about.

Gate Control Theory

Doctors and patients at the Royal Free Hospital's Pain Clinic and at the Real Health Institute explain how chronic pain works

Finding new perspectives

Jonathan Leach of the course team explains why identity and relationships are important when trying to work through mental health...

The language of leaders

Do you have a dream? How can leaders use language to get their message across and bring their colleagues with them?

Facilitating rehabilitation

The central aspect of many social and healthcare initiatives is the patient, and this section discusses in detail the ways in which...