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The position of English today

A panel of Linguists discuss place of English in an increasingly globalized world.

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Beginners Chinese: Greetings and names

Greeting each other and asking about each other’s names.

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Caribbean French

People talk about the special flavour of the French spoken in Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean

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Do you want to communicate in another language? Gain an insight into other cultures? Maybe you regret not having pursued language studies at school? Or perhaps language skills will get you the job of your dreams? In our increasingly global economy, being able to communicate effectively with our customers, colleagues and business partners is critical. Learning a modern language is also enjoyable and rewarding. We offer courses in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Welsh, and a number of courses about the English language, its history and how it has changed in response to different cultural, social, technological and geographical pressures.

Subject highlights

Personal information part 1

We’re going to listen to street interviews with eight people from different parts of the world giving basic personal information.

Beginners Chinese interview: How do friends and colleagues address each other

Interview in English: Discussion on how friends and colleagues address each other.

English in Post colonial Singapore

In Singapore English was adopted as one of the official languages after independence to try and bring together the countries.

Musical mixture

A description of the numerous influences on flamenco music.

Fashion City, Paris

A guide into some of the tourists' favourite destinations in France.

The house I grew up in

Four people describing the house they used to live to live in when they were children