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Mathematical Modelling

The role of mathematical modelling in gliding, focusing on The British Overseas Nationals, a modern racing competition held in Le Blanc, France.

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Fourier Analysis

Demonstrating why someone sounds different on the phone, rather than in person, using the Fourier series.

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Reinventing Statistics

Fisher's principles are at the basis of modern research in agriculture, medicine and industry.

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Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics play a part in almost all daily activities. They are at the heart of advances in science and technology, as well as providing indispensable problem-solving and decision-making tools in many areas of life. They underpin the rigorous analysis and modelling required for new policies, designs and systems. Mathematical and statistical knowledge is much sought after by employers for a wide variety of jobs, not least in teaching the subject, and a qualification in any one of the areas we offer can bring real benefits in your professional life.

Subject highlights

A Lesson in Flying: Gliding Performance

Ann Welch explains how to actually fly a glider. The Rhonsperber and Primary gliders are compared, with relation to glide...

Rational and Irrational Numbers

Using tally sticks, a cake, a thermometer, a number line and graphics boards, David Brannan and Phil Rippon, both of The Open...

Journeys as Graphs

The timetable in action and the practical challenges a timetabler faces. Representing a journey as a position-time graph.

Fermat’s ideas

An explanation of some of Fermat’s discoveries.

Pitch and time

This track looks at the relationship between pitch and time in musical notation and illustrates how vibrations produce musical notes and how pitch...

Vaults and Flying Butresses

John Trapp discusses the medieval building techniques which took into account the lines of thrust within an arch.