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DNA and inherited information

Dr Norman Cohen introduces four key characteristics any set of inherited instructions needs to have.

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Einstein and special relativity

This famous theory connects time and motion. Presenter Robert Llewellyn and British athlete Kris Akabusi hit the track to show how speed actually slows down time.

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Titan: landing

Scientists watch the probe’s historic journey to Titan with bated breath.

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The more you look into science, the more fascinating it becomes. Advances in areas such as communications, food production, healthcare and transport all depend on fresh knowledge emerging from science’s many disciplines. Studying science will enhance your understanding of the world, and contribute to your intellectual and personal development. The depth and breadth of our courses encompass topics such as biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, geology, physics, and planetary and space sciences (including astronomy).

Subject highlights

Investigating small aquatic organisms

Professor David Robinson talks about small aquatic organisms, the techniques used to study them and the influences the...

Infra-red Spectrometry

Preparing samples for infra-red spectroscopy

Galapagos & Nature's Variety

Darwin travels to Galapagos Islands and is confused by the variations within species such as finches.

Brink of a New Era

Foundations for computer software. Fisher's methods are still used all over the world. Experts explore his most controversial ideas.

Einsteins' challenge to quantum theory

The Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR) Thought Experiment represents Einstein's attempt to disprove quantum theory.

Glaciation: Diamictites

An examination of diamantine and sandstone strata of the Garvellachs and how they make up the rock formation.