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The Impossible Trinity

The Impossible Trinity or 'trilemma' suggests that it is impossible for a country to maintain a fixed exchange rate, free capital movement and an independent monetary policy at one and the same time.

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Is citizenship nationality?

You may think you have a right to your nationality and that the state will protect you, however, we hear from Ruth Barnett, a Jewish refugee, and Moazzam Begg, an ex-Guantanamo detainee, about the stark realities.

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How we quantify social science

Professor Andrew Sayer discusses the purpose and method of social science.

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Social Sciences

Many social science subjects provide fascinating insights into everyday life in our communities, families and workplaces. Topics include criminology, economics, geography, media studies, politics, psychology, social policy and sociology. In our courses you’ll engage with some of the most compelling and contested questions in contemporary society: How do we communicate with each other? Why do places carry meaning for people? What are our rights as citizens? What shapes our identity and why? Our courses will stimulate your curiosity, encourage you to ask questions and challenge assumptions, and help you understand yourself - and the world we live in - more deeply.

Subject highlights

Unruliness and cities

The relationship of order and disorder in the city, and the intensification of social relationships in cities. Is such disorder positive or...

A global civil society

Helen Yanacopulos looks at the idea of a global civil society.

The Politics of Participation

Why do people choose to vote, or indeed, not to vote? The Open University's Professor Michael Saward is joined by his colleagues...

What are economic bubbles?

Bubbles are when a products value continues to rise beyond its true value. But what happens when the bubble inevitably bursts?


Professor Katheryn Sikkink from the University of Minnesota discusses Networks

Sacking prime ministers

The Open University’s Dr. Richard Heffernan, Reader in Government, leads discussions and compares the administrational differences...