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Updated Monday, 21st November 2011
If you've been looking for, don't worry - you're in the right place...

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Screengrab of the old Open2 site fades away... For ten years, give or take, was the online home of Open University and BBC programming. Over the last few months, though, we've been moving into OpenLearn, creating one home for all The Open University's free learning content. It means we share a home with the Open University's iTunesU and YouTube channels, and much more besides.

You can use the navigation at the top of this page to explore what we have on offer. There's lots to do - you could watch Evan Davis exploring the state of British manufacturing; explore the frozen planet; get to know the science and history of the Olympics or have a look at our free courses.

Most of the content from has been brought across; if you've landed here after typing or searching for an URL then you're probably looking for something that fitted into one of these categories:

Open2 forums

We still want you to join in, comment and share your views. But OpenLearn encourages you to comment on the content you're reading, rather than travel off to a different part of the site. Some of the more interesting Open2 debates have been imported; and comments on the Open2 pages have been brought across, too.

Open2 blogs

All the blog content from Open2 is here on OpenLearn - it might be that you're trying to find a specific URL for the content that isn't being recognised by OpenLearn. You could try searching for the article here.

Other Open2 pages

Although most Open2 content came across, some pages - such as those which were only designed to help navigate the site  - were not imported. If you're looking for something specific, you could try searching for the article here.

If you can't find something and would like us to look into why, alert us through the comments section on this page.




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