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michelle mcgowans creative climate diary

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my dieary for creative climate

By: Michelle McGowan (Community)

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A At the beginning of the course I had a personal interest in environmental issues and believed that the biggest threat was deforestation due to the co2 being emitted into the air. I had no understanding of who was doing this or why anyone would choose to be destructive and suspected it was due to illegal monetary gain that could be got elsewhere. I also thought that the transport pollution was a threat to us locally. Along with other issues I felt that climate change was a big problem but I had only little knowledge of the expectations of how this would impact really, only that it would get hotter in places and where I lived may flood. I didn't know about many other country's in how they contributed to climate change, I suppose this is why I chose the course to gain a better holistic understanding. 146 words B Since completing the module my answer to the question in part remains the same but I would like to expand it with people are the biggest threat to climate change. As I think about all I have learned, looking at the different countries and how people have grown in to a societies driven by poverty and greed, environmental issues take a back seat. For example the market needs meat, the poor provide, deforesting there land, for the oblivious and somewhat ignorance of people in not change food habits or there care free attitude ie using to much electricity. I now knowing the immediate threat of climate change and historic reasons behind why environments have changed. have adopted lots of environmentally friendly habits like recycling more, growing my own veg, using less electricity, and heating. At work I assertively promote this as I have become a responsible advocate for environment issues. 150 words C I think the most pressing environmental concerns for the next ten years are; warming. I believe through what the course has set out and made abundantly clear with evidence is populations are growing, the demand for food, the overuse of fossil fuels, the lack for forethought in processing/transporting materials and food, with peoples need to use air travel and participate in a throw away society. 2.Population is in itself quite a serious issue. If there are to many people on the planet making to many energy demand, in transport electricity food and heating, then we are going to see consistences in environment back lashes, i.e. floods and natural disasters. 3.Overlooking environmental policy in economical turmoil, causing us to backtrack on the global fight against climate change and hitting against cynicism of cost, effectiveness, and lack of public belief when its picked up again.



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