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Advent with OpenLearn

Updated Monday 24th December 2018

Unveil the free learning treats hidden behind each door of the 2018 OpenLearn Advent calendar and discover some gems from the world of learning from throughout the year.

Countdown to Christmas!

We've chosen our favourite games, videos, courses, interactives and programmes as well as other festive fun for you to enjoy.

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Each day until Christmas a new door will unlock, so just click or tap the numbers below to find a new surprise to explore!

Happy first day of advent!

Worried about how you're going to budget for all those Christmas presents? Get clued up with our free course Fundamentals of Accounting.


Planning on posting your Xmas party pics?

Have a rethink before uploading your antics under the mistletoe to FaceBook! Find out more in our Ministry of Sharing game.


Dreading the Christmas family reunion...

with that one annoying relative? Try a free course, Making Sense of Ourselves which answers questions like, Why don’t we like one another?


Having a green Christmas?

Thinking of getting a veggie alternative to turkey this Christmas? Explore whether we are killer or carers when it comes to animal welfare in this video and article.


Need a health kick?

Why wait until January to start clean eating? Give our free badged course, The Science of Nutrition and Healthy Eating a go to help you make informed choices over the festivities.


All I want for Christmas is EU?

Heated discussions with the family about Brexit can’t be avoided at Christmas. Make your dinner table argument a strong one by digging into our interactive on Brexit.


Looking at the stars for signs of Father Christmas?

While you wait, learn about what else is out there in our free badged course Moons.


'Tis the season for a career change?

Use the Christmas break to rethink your career. Try this free badged course, Succeed in the Workplace to get you started!


Thank you NHS!

Shout out to the wonderful NHS staff working during the Christmas break. Put yourself in their shoes in our medical ethics interactive quiz.


Merry Christmas from the Ward’s...

or Wards? Season’s greetings, or Seasons greetings? Be sure to get clued up in our free course, Grammar Matters.


A Classic Christmas

Do you know that the Ancient Romans had a winter knees up? It was called Saturnalia. Find out about one influential Roman in our game Hadrian the Roamin' Emperor.


Thinking about buying a child a book for Christmas?

There are some great examples in our free course Exploring Books for Children: Words and Pictures'.


Team work makes the dream work

Wondering how Father Christmas manages to get his elves working so well together? Explore this free course, How Teams Work.


Want to work out if Uncle Dave is cheating at Monopoly again?

Try our interactive Detecting Deception to see how good you are at spotting a liar.


Fan of Rudolph?

Ever fancied an insight into Father Christmas’s relationship with his reindeers? Try our free course Living Psychology: Animal minds to learn about animals' emotions.


Spread some Christmas Kindness

See if you can help four people experiencing personal challenges in our interactive A Support Net.


May your days be MERRY!

With the likelihood of consuming one too many glasses of prosecco over Christmas being quite high, find out about the science behind why we drink alcohol.


Go where even Santa hasn’t...

Santa may deliver presents to millions of children on Earth but he has yet to discover the depths of the oceans – but you can in our Ocean Explorer game.


Record some carols

Have you asked Father Christmas for some musical equipment this year? If so, discovering our free course Recording Music and Sound will be music to your ears!


Had the flu jab this winter?

If you tend to get poorly over Christmas, find out whether antibiotics is the answer in our free course, Understanding Antibiotic Resistance.


Children likely to be inundated with presents this year?

On OpenLearn you can find out about their playtime in our free course, Children's Perspectives on Play.


Been given lots of chocolate and mince pies already?

Find out how you can ensure the wellbeing of you and your family in our Mind, Body, Media hub.


Anxious about Christmas?

Christmas can be a stressful time of year but how would you know whether a stressor has developed into a serious mental health problem? Make sure you check out these 5 top tips.


Got some down time over Christmas?

Check out our full catalogue of FREE courses so you can gain new knowledge or skills for work or study in 2019. Merry Christmas!


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