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Andrew Horton on... location

Updated Thursday, 18th November 2010
Andrew Horton explains the advantages of housing his business over several locations

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So one of the reasons that we’re headquartered in London, from an insurance point of view, is there’s a massive amount of talent in London and people like living in and around London.  Interestingly, we are actually domiciled in Ireland.  So Ireland at the moment has one or two issues, and that works incredibly well if we want to write more business across Europe, and we are also resident in the U.S.  So, for some American business, you need to have people close to where the customers are.  So we have this mixture of things, of talent in the UK, Ireland from our EU passports, and it’s quite a good insurance centre, and in the U.S. because we need to be close to customers and producers of business.  So you need to look at what things you're trying to achieve and you determine your location over which centre best fits those requirements.  




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