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Cathy Fitzgerald's story

Updated Monday, 15th February 2010

Explore the personal side of climate change with Cathy Fitzgerald's diary entry.

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Name: Cathy Fitzgerald
Role: visual artist

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

Moving to Ireland from New Zealand I was struck by a tree-less but beautiful land of my ancestors. I became more informed on environmental issues with a summer job with a forest/hedgerow NGO group, Crann, in 1996.

Tell your story in your own words.

My art & ecology notebook documents a SLOW ART forest transformation project. It's an ongoing diary in images, short films conversations between myself, foresters, our local community responding to global issues. It shows the story of how we are turning our small monoculture spruce plantation into an ecologically biodiverse, carbon stable & economically, permanent real FOREST.

Artist Cathy Fitzgerald works with the knowledge of Pro Silva foresters who employ permanent, non-clear fell, close to nature methods of professional forest management to create forests - Pro Silva is a network of foresters working across 27 countries in Europe, see

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