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Child Of Our Time: Series 5 Survey

Updated Tuesday 4th January 2005

Try the surveys used in the making of the 2005 series, and compare your results with the national trends

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We are running three surveys on key themes from the 2005 Child of Our Time series:

Like Me, Like You explores the choices that children make about doing things with particular types of people and is for 4-11 year olds.

Screen Time, Leisure Time looks at children's leisure activities and is for children between 4 and 11.

Best Dad, Best Mum is for anyone over 4 years old, including adults - this highlights the key features that we expect from parents.

Results from these surveys will help to give new insights into various aspects of child development, so we would like to encourage you to take part. If you've already taken part, why not take another look to see the latest results?





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