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Updated Tuesday, 11th January 2005
Here is a selection of fun activities for parents and children to do together. They were produced to accompany the Child of Our Time 2005 series

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Have you got children? Do you want to have fun trying some of the sorts of tests you might have seen on Child of Our Time?  You don't need any special knowledge or equipment - all you need is a printer and some time with your children.

A house Explore your child’s expectations about types of dwellings and the people that live in them with who lives where?
A stroop test animal How far can your child override their brain's natural impulses? Find out with what's the animal?
Child of Our Time 2005: Fun tests inline 3 What assumptions do children make based on gender? A good starting point to find out is what do men and women do?
A child on an orange background You can help with some of the research shown in the programme by completing the 2005 series survey
A slumbering child Don't forget, you can still download all the fun, free activity cards from the 2004 series.
A child having fun How much power do you feel you have to influence your life? Explore your attitudes with am I in control?
Fruits Although not a measure of intelligence, a child's skills with words can be important. See how your child does with our tests for verbal fluency
Who am I? survey Explore how the way we describe ourselves changes as we get older, when you and your children ask who am I?

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