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Chris Grigg on... location

Updated Thursday, 18th November 2010
Chris Grigg discusses how location can connect business and help people to work together

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Our experience is that location is really important, but the importance and what’s important just varies a lot between the types of companies.  So one of our big businesses, one of our biggest businesses is effectively London offices, and so we end up speaking to a lot of people who want to locate into different parts of London or in different circumstances.  And for example we just had somebody move into, take a whole one of our buildings, out of five separate locations that they were in, it’s an advertising business, because they wanted to get the whole business connecting and working together, and so that was really important to them.  That was actually more important to them than the physical location.  In other cases, people want to be very close to a market or a particular part of what they do, or to where many of their people live.  So it really depends on the nature of your business.  In other cases it will be: where are your customers?  We have a very large retail, retail’s our biggest business, and then it’s about quite scientific stuff, about plotting where, not just population growth is, not just where populations are, but where people are prepared to travel to, what’s easy to travel.  So that becomes actually quite scientific in trying to work out where that location would be appropriate.





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