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Chris Moore on the right time to launch

Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2011
"If you're launching a premium product, you wouldn't do that in January"

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Chris Moore

I think the best time to launch a product really just depends on the product you're launching.  So for example, if you're launching a product which is more premium in nature which may attract a premium price or an additional price, then typically you wouldn’t do that in January when people are obviously watching what they're spending, but you would launch that kind of product from October onwards.  So people are in the spending mood, they're into the Christmas shopping routine, and that typically would be when you'd launch that kind of product.  So it really does depend on the sort of product you're launching, are you launching a main pizza or are you ordering a side item or indeed any other item on the menu?  So it’s really about what it is that you're launching.



When is the right time to launch?


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