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Creative Climate

Updated Monday 30th November 2009

Join thousands of diarists in charting people's responses to environmental change.

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Rope lift over river Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil Water Samples by Ana Cecilia Gonzales Vigil

Welcome to The Open University's Creative Climate project

Artic scene [Nathan Gallagher: the volume of one tonne of CO2] Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Nathan Gallagher The volume of one tonne of CO2 by Nathan Gallagher

Creative Climate is a global web diary that will record how humanity understands and responds to environmental change over the next ten years.

Silhouette at sunset Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Marije De Haas Sunrise Andes by Marije De Haas


Join us as we chart the highs and lows of this critical decade.





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