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Discover English in the LearningSpace

Updated Monday, 25th July 2011

Want to get to know our mother tongue like one of your own family? Spend some time in the LearningSpace...

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Have an adventure...

Sometimes to the bemusement of those who write letters to newspapers, the English language is not a fixed thing; time and society shapes and changes the words we use. Find out how...

Grapple with grammar...

Do parts of speech leave you in pieces? Does the thought of tenses make you tense up? Grammar might be complex, but could it be easier to understand than you think?

Cut to the point...

Need help boiling down a long piece of text into its key points? Dump the yadda yadda and the blah blah blah with our guide to smart paraphrasing.

Looking for words: A half-finished wordsearch puzzle Creative commons image Icon incurable_hippie under CC-BY-NC licence under Creative-Commons license Playing with language: A wordsearch puzzle




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