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Dominic Taylor on the business challenges of technology

Updated Friday, 18th February 2011
"Much technology should, if it's good, allow people to do more"

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Dominic Taylor: I see technology change as being an opportunity actually. You know much of technology should if it’s good enable people to do more. And we embrace those changes, seek to understand them and use the technologies we think are appropriate to provide the innovation and differentiation that I spoke about earlier on. So I mean we see it as an exciting place to be because it provides more scope for innovation.

Interviewer: And can you give an example?

Dominic Taylor: Well I guess pay by mobile phone technology and the context of payments. I mean one of the big challenges that consumers have as they go about their daily lives on the move is now do you actually pay for things.

In the old days, when it was cards and cash, that was always very difficult. Again, back to the parking meter scenario, I mean paying for parking meters with coins is always a nightmare. Really we don’t have enough or they’re the wrong shape, and actually the ability to make these payments on the phone and to extend parking remote from your car is critical. So there’s a classic example of how we’ve used technologies in order to provide a much better consumer service.

How is new technology changing business?


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