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Updated Friday, 8th September 2006
Ever Wondered About Food takes a look at fish

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Sea Bass In Salt

In this edition Ever Wondered About Food is enjoying fish to the full – what’s healthy, what’s tasty and what to avoid. There are 30,000 types of fish in the world’s ocean, but how many of them make it to our fish counter? With traditional stocks falling Paul looks at the new varieties of fish on the market and wonders if we’ll be eating Barramundi with our chips in the future.

We dive into the past where the fish was a secret cult symbol. And we find out how one Clarence Birdseye led a food revolution. We learn why cod liver oil is good for you and unravel the mystery of omega 3s. In the kitchen Paul demonstrates the best way to gut a whole fish and reveals the science behind the perfect fish cake. Finally, we learn how to impress dinner guests by steaming a whole sea bass in salt.


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